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Professional Success & Philanthropic Endeavors Going Hand in Hand

John Spach has been a successful and seasoned professional in the field of commercial cleaning and safety expertise as the CEO of a reputed organization. His company has achieved incredible success over the years and Spach has been a true philanthropist. John has been consistently giving a portion of his income for supporting the underprivileged and vulnerable people around him. John Spach has been passionately and dedicatedly helping charitable organizations that worked towards helping the downtrodden by boosting their financial, physical, and even emotional health and wellness.


A Philanthropist with High Ideals

John Spach has been aware of the ever-rising and somewhat exorbitant costs of acquiring higher education in the United States. The tuition fees are so high that a vast majority of the American students are neck-deep in debt because of mounting student loans to facilitate seamless completion of the courses. John Spach has always been a man who firmly believed in philanthropy. He has been giving back to society throughout his entrepreneurial journey. John Spach has been kind enough to offer this much-cherished scholarship to prolific scholars and brilliant leaders who have the ability to influence others in ways that prove to be immensely beneficial to society at large. The most deserving candidate, according to John Spach, is the one who boasts of exceptional distinction in the classroom and much beyond.

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John Spach Scholarship

The prestigious John Spach Scholarship is a highly-acclaimed and recognized fellowship awarded by John Spach, the CEO at Safe Companies, LLC, a reputed Cleaning and Consulting firm for maintaining health and safety, based at Thousand Oaks, California, United States. The John Spach Scholarship is a noted scholarship that would be awarded to the most deserving student who has a flawless academic track record and is well-equipped to generate innovative, fruitful, and imaginative ideas and demonstrate clearly the inherent potential to radically change the existing global scenario. The esteemed John Spach scholarship was instituted by Spach for meritorious students aspiring to achieve their career dreams but are facing issues and encountering hardships in their way because they came from underprivileged families that were experiencing certain financial or monetary constraints.

Appreciation for Meritorious Students

John Spach Scholarship is known to recognize and reward meritorious students with academic excellence for exemplifying leadership, innovation, and community service. John is a man known for his generosity and a big heart. Spach is able to fully-empathize with all those American students who are encountering hurdles in the pursuit of their career goals and aspirations because of the dearth of funds.

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Helping deserving students

John Spach has been proactive and has taken positive and prompt steps to help the unfortunate and underprivileged students attain their higher studies ambition. John has been helping deserving students by offering one-time award money of $1,000 annually as a gesture of appreciation and acknowledgment of their grit and unwavering determination to achieve their higher studies ambition despite all odds.

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John Spach Scholarship Details

John Spach Scholarship is principally a merit-based scholarship that helps to empower students via resources and support to reach their full potential and even leave a profound impact on everyone around them. The John Spach scholarship has been designed for offering a solid, sustainable career development path to the meritorious and most deserving candidate, one that seems to be attuned predominantly to their core academic strengths, skills, and interests.

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Scholarship Providers: John Spach

John Spach Scholarship Guidelines

Before submitting your scholarship application to John Spach, as an applicant, you are required to fulfill all the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

Eligible Students: The candidates should presently be enrolled at and pursuing studies at an accredited and recognized American college, institution, or university. John Spach Scholarship applicants should at least, be a ‘Junior’, or a ‘Sophomore’, or a ‘Freshman’, while a ‘Graduate’ is desirable. All candidates applying for the John Spach Scholarship are required to write an original, informative, and intriguing essay on a given topic within just 700 to 850 words. “What is the most impactful long-term consequence of the pandemic that universities and other educational institutions will have to deal with and how can they best handle it?”

Winner Selection: The prestigious John Spach Scholarship would be presented to the most prolific essay writer based on the review of the necessary submissions that have been received within the specified last date of application submission. The most deserving candidate would be given the award based on his academic brilliance, consistent academic record, and stellar performance in the essay writing department. The candidate presenting the most captivating ideas, effective, and innovative solutions would be adjudged the winner of the highly-esteemed John Spach Scholarship.

John Spach Scholarship Essay Topic 2020-2021“What is the most impactful long-term consequence of the pandemic that universities and other educational institutions will have to deal with and how can they best handle it?”

Award Amount: One-time amount of $1,000 that is not refundable

Deadline: The John Spach Scholarship deadline for application submission is November 1, 2021

John Spach Scholarship Winner Announcement Date: November 15th, 2021

The winner of the John Spach Scholarship will be announced and officially notified on November 15, 2021, via an official email from John Spach. Moreover, the name of the scholarship winner will be put up on the official website at www.johnspachscholarship.com.

How to Apply:

The John Spach scholarship-associated submissions must be completed via email in the form of a Word Document attachment and sent to info@johnspachscholarship.com.

The following mandatory details should be sent within the official deadline along with your original essay.

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Email ID
  • Date of High school Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)
  • University or College or institution you are currently enrolled in, or have submitted your application at, or where you have already been accepted.
  • Details of the current academic program, specifically:
  • Latest or Current GPA
  • Personal Bio in a maximum of 290 characters

Courses: This one-time financial support is extended to meritorious students who are aspiring to pursue full-time academic programs from a recognized university at a graduate or even at a Master’s level or any research-based postgraduate degree.

Award Details: The one-time amount awarded is $1000. It will be officially disbursed as gift money that is to be regarded as a non-refundable financial payout.

Results: The winner receiving the John Spach Scholarship will be announced on the 15th of November, 2021.


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John Spach as far as cleaning and disinfecting commercial office and workplaces are concerned. The methods normally considered by facility managers are conventional dry and wet cleaning. While dry dusting can make the environment more polluted and spread the dust to other surfaces, wet cleaning can be difficult in hard-to-reach spots. It also involves the use of toxic chemicals. That can be harmful to the health of all those coming in contact with it. There is, however, a very specialized technique of sanitization preferred. For facilities like R&D laboratories, clean rooms, schools, hospitals, and clinics, etc. that demand a higher stand of cleanliness – electrostatic spray.

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