John Spach explains the process of cleaning a commercial kitchen effectively

John Spach

Whether you run a corporate kitchen, hotel, or restaurant, cleanliness is crucial. Various experts emphasize cleanliness and hygiene in commercial kitchens. It implies that a clean kitchen may assist in reducing the spread of many illnesses. Apart from regular tool maintenance, there are several areas that you must consider. It will help in a comprehensive cleaning on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. John Spach provides various solutions and tips for maintaining the cleanliness of a commercial kitchen.

John Spach explains how to clean a commercial kitchen

As stated earlier, cleanliness and hygiene are significant in a kitchen. Whether it is at home or a restaurant, or a factory, a well-maintained kitchen is crucial. The kitchen is the most active area. Hence, proper maintenance is vital. For this, you must consider the following points in reasonable details

Clean the hard surfaces and countertops: hard surfaces and countertops are areas for bacterial growth. Since these areas get frequently used for food preparation, you must clean them repeatedly in a day. Store bins and other items need to be removed from the surface, and wiping them often, is crucial. It will help in disinfecting the area and preventing the pests from breeding.

You can use disinfectant sprays and a soft cloth. Moreover, air dries the site before you place items on the countertop. Ensure that you spray the area eight to twelve inches away from the countertops. In some cases, extra steps become mandatory. When you remove beverage spills and dried foods, use warm water and a soap brush for scrubbing the countertops.

Clean commercial equipment and appliances: a crucial step while maintaining a commercial kitchen’s cleanliness is, rinsing the commercial gadgets. You have to wipe down the significant utensils and the small ones like toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves. It will help you to conduct kitchen functions effectively. Ensure that you deep clean the kitchen every week to ensure that the units stay in good condition.

Clean vents and exhaust hoods: when grime and grease pile on the hoods and exhaust vents, it restricts airflow. You have to wash the vent hoods every month to ensure that air circulation is maintained. The cleanliness of filters by using the instructions on the manual of unit service is crucial. In case of any damage to the filters, replace them immediately.

Cleanliness of kitchen walls, floors, and ceiling: food particles and grease are widespread on the kitchen floor, ceiling and walls. When it comes to grounds, deep cleaning the floor every day is vital. You must start by vacuuming and using water for sweeping the floor. It will help in removing dirt and dust. On the other hand, when it comes to ceiling and walls, you have to wipe off the splatters. However, ensure to scrub the roof and walls thoroughly.

Kitchen owners must clean the sink and storage areas to ensure the hygiene of the place. A clean kitchen motivates individuals to work hard and also takes care of their mood.

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