John Spach Tells Us Why Disinfection is Important for Office Spaces

John Spach

Office Spaces often contain many people, people who can intermingle and spread their diseases from one to another. This is a huge problem for any organization. John Spach the presence of even one sick individual can compromise the health of the entire workforce in an office.

One way of stopping this from happening is by preventing sick employees from showing up to work. But often, the obvious symptoms of any infectious disease don’t show up until much later.  Asymptomatic carriers also pose the same risks. 

These individuals can not only spread germs in the office, but they can contaminate the office area. A contaminated office area further increases the chances of catching some sort of illness. 

Illnesses are one of the most important factors regarding the efficiency of any workgroup. A group that has been plagued by illnesses will not be as productive as one that has not. 

This is why disinfection is so important in office settings. With proper disinfection protocol and systems, often put in place by professional cleaning services, a company can mitigate the effects of any potential disease outbreaks within their office spaces.

John Spach’s Explanation on Disinfection

1. Deep cleaning 

Regular deep cleaning removes any pockets of dirt, debris, germs, and allergens that have accumulated in the office space. By removing all offending particulate matter, the chances of someone falling sick are lowered by a large margin. 

Deep cleaning doesn’t only prevent sickness from pathogens but also common allergies as well. This is because deep cleaning can remove any allergen that is present in the office space with a thorough cleaning.

Deep cleaning is preventive and stops diseases from taking hold in the first place. It is not completely effective because office spaces are not the only places where people visit. They can catch an infection from another area and then spread it to the office. 

2. Disinfection

Disinfection is the more active way to combat any potential rise of infectious diseases within an office space. While deep cleaning is preventive, disinfection is reactive. It is often employed in response to one or more employees falling sick. 

Disinfecting the office premises is one of the two critical plans for germs from spreading within an office. The other being keeping the infected individuals at home.Disinfection cleans the contaminated area and tries to prevent other employees from catching the same pathogen. The way that disinfection seeks to do this is by preventing its spread through surfaces and objects. 

Objects like door handles, knobs, electronics, etc., are all handled by many individuals in a single day. If an infected person contaminates the object, it can act like a hotspot that spreads the infection to others who use it. Regular disinfection and cleaning will prevent such a thing from happening. 


Disinfection is an important task that companies should be focusing on as they try to improve worker productivity. According to John Spach, office disinfection is one of the most important roles of professional contractors. By using professionals who have the toolset and knowledge required to deal with flare-ups, companies have an effective way of dealing with infections.

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