Practical ways for maintaining a commercial kitchen after pest control from John Spach

John Spach

Pest infestation is a crucial area that creeps every hotel owner. Unclean space may result in diseases resulting from hidden pests in different regions of the kitchen. Especially during the monsoon, moisture-laden areas and rain result in damp walls that contribute to the influx of germs. No one can stand the sight of crawling pests in the hotel kitchen. When you think about dirty dishes piled up in the basin, the rats and mice all around the kitchen space, it gives you a terrible feeling. According to John Spach, the employees must have a hygienic approach and deal with disease-related issues effectively. The intruders result in bacteria all around the hotel, which results in deadly diseases.

When deciding how to pull out these bugs and clean the area, chefs have to look into pest control. It is an effective way of maintaining the health and hygiene of the restaurant kitchen. Cleaning is a spiritual habit that has become a ritual for kitchen workers. Avoiding infestation by considering kitchen cleaning routines is crucial.

John Spach gives tips to maintain the results of pest control

As stated earlier, after the cleaning process, it is significant to maintain the results. However, the hygiene of the restaurant is crucial. The kitchen is an integral part of the hotel, and it needs proper maintenance. For this, take a quick look at the following points in reasonable details

Keep the kitchen dry: insects who are about to die run towards the water. Water or liquids like oil, juices, and sauces create a greasy element, which invites insects. It permanently discolors the cabinet and leaves the area untidy. Hence, you have to keep the kitchen dry especially, the basin area.

Make use of airtight containers: whether it is perishable or un-perishable food items use airtight containers to avoid food spill. It not only keeps the food fresh but also gives a tidy impression to the kitchen.

Clean the kitchen cabinet regularly: the kitchen must be the most planned area of the hotel. Approach the kitchen as a well-designed workstation that will help you to function efficiently. If you have cabinets in the kitchen, clean them regularly. It will help to maintain the beauty and keep the pest at bay.

Dispose of waste regularly: dispose of dry and wet waste from the kitchen regularly. It will ensure cleanliness and limit pest breeding.

Deep cleaning the kitchen: every month, try to deep clean the kitchen by calling experts or professionals for the job. These individuals have the equipment and expertise to well-design the job.

In addition to this, make use of pest repellent sprays and keep the area as dry as possible. All these will help you to use the commercial kitchen and limit pest breeding effectively. However, as a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to keep every aspect of the hotel organized. Keeping the kitchen pest-free is a tedious task, and it requires your constant attention.

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