The Top Reasons for Commercial Facility Managers to Consider Electrostatic Disinfection – A John Spach Rationale

John Spach

John Spach as far as cleaning and disinfecting commercial office and workplaces are concerned. The methods normally considered by facility managers are conventional dry and wet cleaning. While dry dusting can make the environment more polluted and spread the dust to other surfaces, wet cleaning can be difficult in hard-to-reach spots. It also involves the use of toxic chemicals. That can be harmful to the health of all those coming in contact with it. There is, however, a very specialized technique of sanitization preferred. For facilities like R&D laboratories, clean rooms, schools, hospitals, and clinics, etc. that demand a higher stand of cleanliness – electrostatic spray.

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

The process involves the spraying of a sanitization mist that is electrostatically charged. By the spraying machine on objects and surfaces requiring disinfection. And takes only one to five minutes. To complete, depending on the kind of disinfectant. However, it ensures that 99.99% of all pathogens responsible.

The Ideal Method for Contactless Sanitizing, Observes John Spach 

A specialized disinfectant solution is atomized by combining. With air with the help of an electrostatic spraying machine. The electrode in the sprayer then lends a positive charge to the mist. It is because of the exceptional adherence of the atomized mist; That is hard to reach or awkwardly-shaped objects comment John Spach.

The sanitizing staff only has to point the sprayer in the direction of the surface and object, and the mist envelopes. Very cost-effective due to the reduction of wastage. To be the most effective sanitization solution. For areas contaminated with germs and other health hazards.

Top Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying 

The most obvious benefit is that the process is completely contactless. The process is remarkably efficient and allows complete end-to-end sanitization of surfaces that are difficult to reach or irregularly-shaped objects. Another striking advantage is that the process is remarkably quick, with the point and spray method taking just moments. And the sanitization is also over in matter o minutes without any need for surface drying.


Compared to conventional disinfection processes, electrostatic spraying is relatively more expensive. However, it more than makes up with its efficiency for facilities that need to be clinically clean.

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